Basic Payment Scheme Deadlines

Key Deadlines


As we’re now at the 15th of May, and the deadline for making applications for the Basic Payment Scheme, we’re pleased to have submitted forms for all of our retained BPS clients.  For anyone who may miss today’s deadline, the RPA will accept late applications up until the 10th June, although any such applications will incur penalties.  Changes can be made without penalty up until 31st May, and after that, up until the 10th June but with a penalty.

In terms of BPS management, other key dates to be aware of going forward include the 30th June, which is the last date that Fallow land must be managed as such if used for Ecological Focus Area (EFA).  It’s also the end of the cropping period for Crop Diversification.  If you have declared Catch Crops for EFA, they must be in the ground by 20th August until 14th October, and Cover Crops must be established between 1st October and 15th January 2020. 

It is also the time of year to be making applications for Countryside Stewardship for agreements starting from next January.  The deadline to request an application for a Mid Tier agreement is the 31st May, and this is also the date to request a visit from a Catchment Sensitive Farming Officer in respect of a Water Quality Capital Grant.  This grant is can be available as part of a five year Mid Tier agreement or on its own, depending on the value, and can assist with items such as concrete yard renewal, roofing over sprayer wash down areas and manure stores, guttering and fencing water courses if it can be demonstrated there is a water quality issue in a high priority area. 

If you require assistance with any of the above please contact our Agricultural Department on 01430 411093.