What we can do for you...

With our experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated team spread across the York/Hull corridor, we offer high quality support for all your residential and commercial property needs.


Property sale and rental

Use our detailed search facility to find the property you're looking for and take advantage of our team's great local knowledge for community advice and information.


Property surveys

Our team of highly qualified and experienced surveyors are on hand to inspect, advise and guide; getting down to the 'nitty-gritty' of property purchase and development.



For both residential and agricultural property and goods, with storage facilities and pre-auction advice; come to one of our regular auctions or we'll come to you!


Agricultural services

Chris Clubley, Jonathan Wood and Joanna Griffiths are all qualified Rural Chartered Surveyors working within the agricultural and wider rural community.  We can assist with property purchase and sale, farm planning, tenancies, subsidy claims, telecommunications sites and much more.